1. Identification of suitable candidates to the desired profile (taking into account the specifications of the position);
  2. Familiarizing the candidates regarding the ship’s living conditions (sharing cabin, cabin space, crew areas, etc) and life onboard;
  3. Selection and recruitment;
  4. Assisting the selected employees obtaining the mandatory certificates (STCW and Crowd Management), medical exams and any other required documentation;
  5. Measurements (sizes) for the uniforms and shoes will be taken and sent to the hiring company;
  6. Complete information profile of the embarking crew members will be sent to the hiring company to speed up the process of embarking;
  7. Assistance in obtaining visas;
  8. Support for the travel preparation and boarding assistance at the airport;

Additional services that can be provided to companies

  1. Previous preparation of the selected employees with training and formation in specific areas required for the integration in the company (HACCP, USPH, Languages and job related training according to the specifications of the hiring company);
  2. Training “Onboard Basic Safety” (according to the company’s requirements;
  3. Occupational safety Training (according to the position and company’s requirements);
  4. Basic training on environmental protection requirements (according to the company’s procedures);
  5. Training and familiarization regarding onboard internal procedures (rules and regulations, code of conduct, etc) according to the company’s requirements;