Jobs & Careers

  1. Presentation of job offers;
  2. Language training (English, German, Spanish, French) with recognized certification;
  3. Assisting the selected employees obtaining the mandatory certificates (STCW and Crowd Management);
  4. Assisting the selected employees during the medical examinations process (partnership with medical clinic);
  5. HACCP Training with recognized certification and USPH;
  6. Assisting the selected employees obtaining any other required certificates and/or documentation;
  7. Specific Preparation of the selected employees for the role to play (in accordance with the company’s requirements);
  8. Information and guidance about the travel destination and itinerary of the ship (local currency, climate, local habits, clothing, etc);
  9. Guidance about the life on board and other requirements;
  10. Assistance in obtaining visas;
  11. Support for the travel preparation and boarding assistance at the airport;